5 Advantages of Leasing Fleet Vehicles.

We need vehicles every day, for transport and to use as tools of business. But, as you know, vehicles can be costly, especially ones that are used to transport goods. And these same vehicles also experience some rougher handling and long hours of operation. Often, the vehicle we pay more for gets treated worse and wears out more quickly. It is one of the many reasons you should consider commercial leasing for vehicles like trucks and vans.

  1. New Vehicles: One excellent but often overlooked reason to lease commercial or fleet vehicles is that it is much easier to return them and when they start showing some wear, you can replace them with shiny new ones. The first advantage of this strategy is that your company cars can always look neat, clean, and undamaged. It will make your company appear careful, prosperous, and successful.
  2. Maintenance and Warranty: The second advantage of having a new fleet is that your repair issues will be minimal, and on top of that, most repairs will be covered under warranty. So, there should be no cost whatsoever to you or the lease company. Van leasing is the best way to have dependable and well-maintained vehicles continually at hand.
  3. Overhead: Leasing a vehicle usually requires no down payment. You will make your payments on some schedule, but you will not be putting up any of your operating money that you may not ever get back. Also, when your company leases your vehicles, you will be able to use those payments as a business expense and they will be tax-deductible.
  4. Accidents and Damage: If you own a vehicle and you damage it seriously, you could end up with a big loss unless your insurance comes through for you. But even then, you will be looking at a hike in your rates. Leased vehicles, however, have their own insurance, and the problem of damage is the responsibility of the lease company.
  5. Resale: When fleet vehicles are at the end of their usefulness, there is always the issue of recovering some of their value. If you purchased them, you would be looking at receiving pennies on the dollar. Leased vehicles do not have this problem.

It is a beautiful thing to own a car you love and want to take care of. And it is another thing to have to worry about the problems faced by fleet vehicles. Fortunately, leasing takes away so many of the concerns that purchasing a fleet vehicle doesn’t make sense in most circumstances.

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