Can You Give Your Car a Touch Up Paint Yourself?

We all have heard about the touch up paint and seen them often around us, while there are many who got it done on their vehicles as well. We also know that touch up paint has been the fastest ways to fix a scratch a nick, or that irritating gouge through decades. When any or all of these take a serious turn and goes beyond the simple home treatment with a tube of paint and dabbing it partially, we end up visiting our trusted auto body repair shop and request for a touch up paint job. But however, if you are still feeling too enthusiastic to try it yourself, here are some simple tips to get the right finish, without messing it up.

Get the Right Shade of Color

The worst possible nightmare of trying a touch paint job at home is mismatching the color and turn your car into a pathetic piece of art. To avoid any such thing from taking place, here is the simple tip. Browse your owner’s manual. There your car color will be printed with a specific color code that will do the job of color identifier. Show this color code to the paint store and bring the paint that got this color code printed on its can.

Practice Make Things Perfect

Before you start thee job, find out a small piece of scrap metal to first test the application effect of the paint. Test the intensity of color by applying at least once or twice on other metal surface before you touch your car.

Make the Affected Area Ready

Before applying the paint on the car’s wound, do not forget to use a small piece of sandpaper, with #220 grit, to scrub clean any dust or rust particles on the affected area. Then wash that part and clean the surface with dry cloth before applying the color.

Apply Primer

In most cases the car touch-up paint comes with a primer. You need to apply that primer first, then allow it to dry till the span of time as prescribed by the manufacturer on the package. To test if it has dried up properly use a small amount of tissue paper and lightly brush against the surface. If it comes out clean, you are ready for the next step.

For the touch-up paint too, the same method should be applied and then allow it to dry.


The fin al stage of the touch up paint job for your car bruises is the polishing. It is the key to make the car touch up paint job successful. For this you need to make sure that the paint that has been applied has blended properly near the boundaries and finish around it. Use a compound rubbing it on the paint and then a gently polish the area you painted. Later you can smooth it out to look as close as to the professional job of collision repair shop. But the entire process of polishing should wait for at least three days before applying the compound and allow the paint to attach firmly to the sheet metal.

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