How to Upgrade Your Jeep

You’re not hacking out every bit of the factory interior to install a full ‘cage, race seats, harnesses, and a GPS with a 10-inch screen. Neither is the rest of the world. Here are some significant steps to make your Jeep ride more comfortable and functional.

Install a Storage Tray

You may miss the storage tray on the top of the dashboard that jeeps used to have. The guys at Daystar feel the same way, and their company offers a replacement panel that features two trays. The big dish is perfect for larger items like a portable GPS, and the smaller tray is ideal for sunglasses, a cell phone, or an iPod. The new panel installs by merely taking out the old one, reusing the two metal clips, and then popping the new board in.

Switch Panel

If you’re adding electrical gadgets like exterior lights, switched lockers, or air pumps, then you’ll appreciate a lower-dash switch panel. It installs similar to the upper tray panel, and you won’t need any tools for this one. It fits up to four large rocker switches and places them in a handy, accessible area of the lower dash in front of the shifters.

Install the Top Tote

The Top Tote features full panels to protect the parts of your jeep, and the zippered bag attaches to the seat to keep them from banging around or into each other. The kit even has handles in case you decide to store the top parts elsewhere. With the driver and passenger components inserted in the tote, you may lose some rear visibility. But when it’s empty, the tote fold down out of the way and even lets the rear seat fold forward once the rollbar straps are undone. Velcro on the backside of the Top Tote keeps it attached to the seat back. No tools are required for installation or use of the Top Tote.

Add Floor Protection

There is no better floor protection than the Catch-All floor mats. Not only does it fit well, but also works well in protecting your Jeep’s carpet. Just like a McDonald’s tray that keeps your lunch from sliding off, the Catch-All floor liners trap debris and are easy to clean. The front coatings don’t interfere with the pedals, and they’re retained using the factory Jeep floor hooks. Various versions are available for two-door and four-door models, including a cargo area liner. However, the two-door cargo liner will not fit without trimming if your Jeep has the optional subwoofer box. The cargo liner also interferes with access to the small floor trunk.

Upgrade Your Seat Covers

The seats in a Jeep may be uncomfortable for extremely long rides. The best way to fix this is to upgrade your seat covers. You may install new Jeep Renegade seat covers that will provide better comfort and stability. This could also help with car sickness.

Once you have done the above, you can enjoy a better and more comfortable Jeep.

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