Learn Some Interesting Features Of 2018 Sea-Doo SPARK

People eagerly wait for the summer season to ride a jet ski. Sea-Doo SPARK is one of the most exciting models of Jet Ski, riding which has never been so convenient and enjoyable. This model offers a wide range of head-turning and hair-raising exclusive features that are worth knowing.


The nos motomarines usagés of Sea-Doo SPARK is driven by 899 cc 4-stroke, Rotax engine with 3 inline cylinders and 4 valves/cylinder. The Rotax 900 HO ACE engine combines striking fuel economy, crisp acceleration, and a remarkable power-to-weight ratio with top speed of nearly 80.4 km/h.

Intelligent Throttle Control system

This system operates electronically in the machine. It features activity specific sport and touring modes that can be tuned to easily accommodate the style of your riding. Use of this beneficial system result is a highly responsive, and intuitive ride.

D Sea-Bel system

This system is a combination of a set of vibration-absorbing parts and resonators that makes Sea-Doo watercraft, the quietest of all other machines on the water.

Closed Ring Cooling System

This system uses coolant to maintain the engine operating at the ideal temperature. Its presence is also helpful in keeping debris and corrosive saltwater out of the machine.

Construction material

The deck and hull of the machine are constructed using Polytec material. This is a low density, high-impact and recyclable composite material that comprise of polypropylene and large glass fiber reinforcements.  Its minimalist architecture keeps only the vital structural components in the front region.

Polytec when used in the creation of hull and deck, maintains the physical integrity of the watercraft and provide light and durable components to assist the development of the product.

Intelligent Brake and Reverse system

The intuitive iBR system enables the rider to stop quite early for experiencing greater mental peace. Its electronic reverse system helps in enhancing the boating safety. A high level of maneuverability makes docking a lot easy.

Useful tip to buy the right machine

Even when you are purchasing it from a dealer, it is required that you perform a water test on the machine. Though a dealer may call it a perfectly fine machine, but a test drive will only confirm its state. It is advisable that you ask a harbor master or park service before riding a used jet ski.


Sea-Doo SPARK is known for its strong, cutting-edge and modern design that defines the distinctive and lively nature. All these interesting attributes of this machine are sure to create a magical experience for its owners.

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