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Tips to Follow When Purchasing a Chain Hoist for Your Business

Are you a business owner who is currently in the market for a chain hoist for their business? Many people seem to think that it’s an easy task to buy this piece of equipment, but unfortunately, those people are sadly mistaken. There are plenty of things to take into consideration before you make your choice about which chain hoist is the right one for you to purchase. Luckily, the people who have made mistakes in the past can help you make the right decision for purchasing your own chain hoist. Keep reading to discover some great tips for purchasing your next chain hoist.

Does it Have the Correct Amount of Speed?

Before you purchase a chain hoist, you have to make sure that you double check the amount of speed that is required of the chain hoist. If you get a chain hoist that has a slower speed it will be less expensive, but it will have a much lower horsepower. This will cause everything to run slower and your operators will most likely become aggravated because their job is being made more difficult.

Do You Need a Push Trolley or a Power Trolley?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying a chain hoist is purchasing the wrong trolley. If the operator can handle the load by themselves, then purchasing a push trolley will work out just fine for the application. But, if the job will be too dangerous for the operator to handle on their own, then it’s imperative that you purchase a power trolley, or you could risk a serious injury to one of your workers.

Is the Location Safe?

There are strict policies on where a chain hoist can be operated. If the area is considered too dangerous for a standard chain hoist, then you can have an extremely dangerous situation on your hands. Make sure that your employees are safe at all times and check out for more information about the safe operation of chain hoists.

Do You Need a Manual Hoist or a Powered One?

There’s a significant difference between a manual hoist and a powered hoist, and each one is used for different applications. Check out the following differences to ensure that you purchase the correct one for the application you need it for:

  • Manual hoists are operated by a person pulling the chain up and down. These hoists are for small distances.
  • Powered hoists are for anything more than approximately 30 feet or more.

Purchasing a chain hoist for your company isn’t something that you should do without doing the proper research first. Make sure that you know and understand the application that it will be used for, as well as the capabilities of the person using it. Also, if you follow all of these tips you’ll have a much easier time picking out the right one from the beginning. If you still have questions after reading this you can always ask the professionals for some help choosing the right one!

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