What Are The Most Sought-After Performance Modifications For Cars?

While the number of cars on the roads is increasing with time, more and more people are inclining toward car modification. A car modification refers to the changes made to a vehicle to alter its appearance or performance. Furthermore, there are three types of car modifications- performance modification, aesthetic or cosmetic modification, and functional modification. The major reason why people opt for tesla performance upgrades is to improve the automobile’s performance and stand apart from other vehicles. This article sheds light on the most common performance modifications for cars.

  • Bigger Brakes and Braided Brake Lines

Although cars come with a braking system from the factory, they are modified to improve vehicles’ performance. When it comes to the basics of the braking system, include the brake pads, brake lines, and brake rotors. And upgrading any of them can drastically improve the braking performance of an automobile. The brakes turn out to have a better bite when brake lines are upgraded. Even though upgrading the brake pads and bigger brake rotors are expensive, these modifications improve the braking performance significantly.

  • Turbocharger or Supercharger

The performance of automobile engines can be enhanced either by turbocharging or supercharging them. The overall performance of the car’s engines is improved by the turbocharger or supercharger by improvising their peak power and torque delivery.

  • Performance High flow Air Filter

There is a popular saying in the automobile industry, ‘better the car breathes, the higher the performance of a car.’ Therefore, modifying the air filter is considered one of the major tesla performance upgrades. Installing a better air filter will let more airflow inside the engine and better performance of the car’s engine.

  • Free Flow Exhaust System 

Exhaling is one of the most important parts of the automobile’s engine’s respiration. A free-flow exhaust system improves the performance of the car while adding a signature grunt to the vehicle’s exhaust note. Even, many times, automobile experts consider changing the muffler or air filter just for altering the exhaust note of a car.

  • Suspension Upgrades 

Suspension is another significant factor crucial for handling and maintaining the stability of a car. Although most vehicle manufacturers carry out an array of tests before putting up a car on the production line, many car owners opt for upgrading the vehicle’s suspension to meet their driving style or changing the stance of the automobile.

  • Transmission Upgrades

Transmission upgrade is another common performance modification that car owners consider. The reason for this is that a change in the gearbox is known to bring significant changes in the performance of an automobile.


Several tesla performance upgrades tend to enhance the overall performance of the vehicle. However, modifications should be chosen after a thorough analysis of the vehicle and ensure that they are compatible with each other. Therefore, the car owner must work with an automobile professional when considering making upgrades to his car. In addition, see to it that modifications are legal and don’t make the engine warranty void. Make sure to have a clear and complete knowledge of the performance modifications and their effects on a vehicle.

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