6 Top Tips for Car Owner in the Summer

Car care isn’t just for the depths of winter, keeping your car well maintained is important all year round. Hot weather can cause all sorts of damage to your car. It is important to keep on top of checks to ensure you don’t get stranded this summer. Sometimes it can be a simple case of replacing car parts as they begin to wear out. Although it can be hard to know where to procure these car parts as buying them yourself can mean compromising on quality and buying through a mechanic can mean paying an arm and a leg. is a reliable place to source quality car parts.

Firstly, always check the battery. Battery failure is a common cause of breakdowns. Excessive temperature shortens the lifespan of your battery if it isn’t properly sealed the electrolyte evaporates more quickly. Always check fluid levels in the battery and top up the distilled water if necessary. Sealed batteries do not need topping up, but you should still check them for signs of corrosion and leakage. Whilst we’re on fluid levels, you should check them all. The coolant and oil should be checked once a week. The brake, clutch and power steering fluid can be left a little longer and checked once a month. However, if you are going for a long journey it is better to check them all before you set off.

Secondly, the air conditioning. The air-con might not seem vital in the winter or whilst you’re on the motorway with the air vents keeping you cool, once you slow, you’ll feel the heat. It is recommended by manufacturers that air-conditioning systems are regassed every two years, if you own an older car then odds are the service is overdue. Without regular use the gas can leak.

Tyre pressure is paramount. Hot weather increases the air pressure in tyres and puts more strain on any weak areas and up the risk of a puncture. Overinflated tyres are more likely to wear quickly and be prone to blowouts. Check the pressure regularly.

Check the engine belt, it runs between engine components and can be checked visually. You are looking for cracks or missing pieces, the tension needs to be right. If the belt begins to deteriorate it can become loose, squeal and even snap. You can also check the cooling fan is working by running the engine when it is already warm and listening for the fan to kick in.

Check the condition of the windscreen wipers to ensure that they will clear the screen without smearing, these should be replaced yearly – windscreen wipers maintained improperly can cause an MOT failure. Removing dust and dead insects from the windscreen will improve visibility, especially when the sun is setting as the dirt tends to diffuse this light.

Finally, if your car is due for a service or Mot get it checked sooner rather than later, especially if you are planning on using it for road trips or days out this summer. Getting it checked will lessen the chance of a breakdown.

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