Are Vehicle Subscription Services Right for You?

When it comes to car lovers, there’s an old and tired stereotype of gearheads who transform their garages into a combination of repair shops and rec rooms. Gearheads themselves will tell you that they are just one of the many types of automobile enthusiasts. Young kids who spend hours playing “Gran Turismo” video games, for example, are car lovers of a different sort, and the same goes for stylish women who would never get behind the wheel of a car that is not a Ford Mustang, even if this means never getting their hands dirty with maintenance tasks.

Naturally, there are car lovers who enjoy the experience of driving different models; it is within this segment where we can find individuals who prefer lease agreements to car purchases, and who also enjoy checking out what rental car agencies have to offer in terms of new models within their fleets. For these drivers, variety is the spice of life, and this is why we have new driving arrangements known as vehicle subscription models.

When Vehicle Subscription Services Make Sense

Buying, leasing and renting cars are business models that experienced great success in the 20th century. At a time when American drivers have access to car-sharing services such as Zipcar and car2go, it only makes sense for subscription models to emerge as an alternative; however, there is a difference insofar as the appeal of the service. Whereas driving a Zipcar is a mostly utilitarian experience that strikes a balance between public and personal transportation, car subscription services have other types of drivers in mind.

In essence, a vehicle subscription agreement works in a fashion similar to paying for Microsoft Office 365 instead of downloading the full version of the popular productivity software suite. You sign up for something that you really want because it is going to make a difference in your life. When you are done with the terms of the agreement, that’s it, you are effectively done. Depending on the vehicle subscription service you choose, you will get more than just the right to drive various models; insurance, maintenance and even roadside assistance are included.

To a certain extent, vehicle car services provide a video game-like experience. When the aforementioned “Gran Turismo” players get their driving licenses, they will probably enjoy having access to a garage filled with various models, and this is what you can get with a car subscription service.

When you are ready to evaluate vehicle subscription services, be sure to take a good look at the company profile. Some of the earliest offerings in this sector were made by luxury automakers; consequently, the monthly subscription services were quite pricey because these are companies catering to high-end drivers with plenty of disposable income. Think about a driver like the Ford Mustang enthusiast mentioned earlier in this article; if she can afford the monthly subscription, this program would be for her. Third-party subscriptions make sense for drivers who want a greater abd more affordable variety of models to choose from.

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