Chevy Transfer Cases: The Ultimate List

A Chevy transfer case helps shift the front wheels’ power to the Chevrolet car’s back wheels. The prop shaft connects to the back wheels and engine at the transfer case. Transfer case accepts the prop shaft, which delivers power to the engine. A Chevy transfer case is an essential part of the Chevrolet car as it helps the vehicle move. It also helps to ke0p the four-wheel-drive system aligned. The Chevy transfer cases get affected by the car’s speed, bumps in the road, and length of the journey.

List of Chevy Transfer Cases:


BW1370 was introduced in 1989. It has an aluminum casing, and it was set up in a 4401 model made out of magnesium.


This Chevy transfer case model was first introduced in 1990 and lasted for a total of 8 years. It was used in different models of Chevrolet such as Safari, Astro, and Typhoon.


This model was introduced in 1994 and lasted for three years. It was used in a Chevy K3500 pickup.


This model was popular in the mid-1990s. It was used in several Chevy car models such as Chevy Blazer, Chevy S10 Blazer, and many others.

After the BW model, the NP model had been there. There are a total of 19 NP Chevy transfer case models. Some of them are listed below:


This model was introduced in 1990. It is a unique model that has an aluminum casing and can be chain driven. It was used in H1 class military and civilian vehicles.


It was the upgraded version of NP242. It had the feature of electric shift. It was used in Chevy, such as Chevrolet 1500, Chevrolet 2500, Sierra 2500, Chevrolet 3500, and many others.


This model was more compatible with larger engine sizes than its previous models. It was used in multiple Chevy models such as Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500, Sierra 3000, and many others.


This model was mainly used in trucks and vans.


This model has more engine size than its previous models. It is used in Chevrolet 1500, Chevrolet 2500, Chevrolet 3500, Sierra 1500, and many others.

How to Recognize a Bad Transfer Case?

You may notice any of the following signs:

  • Difficulty to switch back to regular.
  • Complete loss of four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.
  • A foul smell coming from the hood of your car.
  • Abnormal noise when turning or driving the car.

People should not drive cars with bad transfer cases as it can result in a terrible accident. Driving with a bad transfer case may break the driveshaft or axle shaft.


Chevrolet has been launching a massive number of transfer cases since 1989. The newer versions are compatible with large engines and have better features than their previous versions. NP263HD is the latest model used in multiple Chevrolet models, such as Chevrolet 1500, Chevrolet 2500, and Chevrolet 3500. This newest model is designed in a way that ensures a smoother experience in lengthy journeys.

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