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Compare cars by Hyundai Verna vs. Tucson vs Creta

Hyundai is among the most revered sellers of automotive products in the country. The automaker has been providing cars to the Indian market for more than two decades. If you want to check out the standards and expectations you can have at a price range; you can compare cars in India brought by Hyundai. Verna, Creta, and Tucson are some of the most renowned cars from Hyundai available in India. Let us compare these cars from Hyundai and find out the best one among these.

The stylish outlook of the models

During a new car comparison, the looks of the vehicles have to be mentioned. Verna is one of the most popular sedans from Hyundai, with about 3.18 lakh units sold in the country. The car looks good, with Hyundai not trying any radical design approach. The Creta has a fresh face with a prominent grille and a modified headlamp cluster. The car looks sharp with a new set of alloy wheels. Tucson is based on the Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy from Hyundai. The car sports the signature hexagonal grille from Hyundai with sculpted wheel arches and a beefy stance.

The comparison based on the interiors

On the Verna, you will find a dual-tone dashboard and a driver-centric layout. The sets are very comfortable and you can even adjust the seats according to your preference. The steering has a perfect size and feels great. The buttons also have a good feel. The new sunroof on the Creta is definitely endearing. The seat fabric has been upgraded. There is cruise control as well in the car. You can also find wireless mobile charging. Tucson is laden with comfort and connectivity features. You will get automatic parking, blind spot assist system, autonomous emergency braking, among others.

How well do these cars drive?

If you need to compare cars, considering their performance becomes a must. Verna has 1.6-litre petrol and diesel variants. The car is now one of the most refined vehicles in the segment. It is finally being offered in the 6-speed automatic transmission. The Creta has a 1.6-litre CRDi diesel engine and is available in 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions. The gear shifts are effortless and quite quick. Even the fuel economy is commendable. The suspension of Tucson has been tweaked to offer better dynamics. The car has good stability and is very smooth.

Which one should you buy?

The Hyundai Verna is a very good option if you like a mid-sized sedan. The car has a bucket load of good features with excellent riding and handling. The car does not get a lot of competition really. If you want a compact SUV, the Creta should be your first choice. Though no car can be perfect in every way, Creta surely does earn a lot of points. It is one of the best urban SUVs in the market. The Hyundai Tucson that is available in India is an older model and not worth it. However, the forthcoming generation of this car would be longer and wider and have a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The perfect car for you would depend on the type of car you need.

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