Four Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Kent

Most people will experience a car accident in their life, according to research. A car accident does not have to be a severe one. It could be scratching a bumper or colliding head-on with an obstacle. They are all accidents; what separates them is the impact it causes.

Most car accidents occur on busy roads, freeways, and highways.  These areas are common to crashes since they are cramped and chances of making an oversight that can lead to an accident are high.

The aftermath of accidents can be tedious, ranging from bulky paperwork to nursing injuries. Sometimes the process can also be costly. That is why it’s essential for victims to seek help from a qualified and experienced Kent car accident attorney for guidance, and legal representation, if need arises.

Discussed down below are common types of car accidents.

Rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident. It is mostly caused by sudden retardation in speed, where the driver in front of another car instantly brakes, making it hard for the other driver behind him to react fast and evade him/her. It mostly happens during jams when multiple vehicles are congested, and movement is limited.

Another habit that results in this type of accident is also drivers who tend to tailgate. Following the front driver too closely can eventually lead to a rear-end collision, this can result in injuries.

Multi-vehicle collisions

Also referred to as a pile-up, multi-vehicle accidents involve at least three cars colliding. Pile-ups can even entail up to fifty vehicles. Commonly happens on freeways or highways where a lot of cars are jammed on the road.

This type of accident can sometimes have a huge death toll since more than one vehicle is involved. Multiple cars can collide in different angles, and most drivers and passengers find it difficult to escape such situations.

A pile-up can start with a single car accident and consequently yield a chain reaction where other vehicles ram onto each other or other drivers failing to evade the situation. It can be worse especially when the weather is unfavorable, for example during heavy blizzards, foggy weather or rain.

Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions are among the deadliest of accidents. They tend to happen mostly on open roads. A frontal-collision does not necessarily involve one car colliding with another vehicle, and it also entails cars hitting obstructions such as trees near roads, crossing animals or even buildings.

Vehicle to vehicle collisions are habitually caused by drivers carelessly overtaking other vehicles at the wrong time or on curves, and since they are going at high speeds, the accident can be fatal.

Side impact collision

It entails a car impacting the side of another vehicle. The level of damage in this type of accident is variable. Victims survive from minor accident ranging from a dent on the bumper or death if the collision is severe, ripping the car door into pieces. As the loss is variable to the car, so does the injuries on the driver vary.

 It all depends on how fast the car was moving and the speed at which the impact occurs. It also frequently happens in jams, and sometimes on freeways when the driver attempts to switch lanes but is not cautious of how he does so.

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