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Purchasing Aftermarket Auto Parts – Pros & Cons

Ever wondered when it’s okay to buy auto parts in the dealership versus aftermarket parts? Well, personally, I’ve learned the treatment depends on which part has been replaced. Obviously, an aftermarket part is any kind for any vehicle that isn’t sourced in the vehicle maker.

Numerous companies make parts made to function exactly the same, or in some instances better still compared to original. Lets begin with a actual example. About two several weeks ago I drove our rental vehicles and that i heard a small clicking seem right in front finish, right side. I required the automobile to the organization auto technician, he test drove the van after which placed it on the lift. The slight clicking seem was in the right side shock tower bearing. The shock tower bearing must be replaced.

I replaced the tower bearing having a aftermarket product. Two several weeks later following a customer came back the rental I heard exactly the same clicking seem. I had been surprised because the organization replaced the part just two several weeks earlier. The organization auto technician suggested which i switch the same spend a component in the dealership, instead of aftermarket and so i did.

Two several weeks later, the substitute part in the dealership is supporting very good. That isn’t to state one is preferable to another since i can provide other examples where I’ve been more happy with aftermarket purchases.

Most aftermarket products performs perfectly, as well as much better than the casino dealer parts. It will depend on which part you’re replacing. So, for those who have purchased aftermarket products for the vehicle and you’re happy or perhaps a little disappointed within the performance from the product it is advisable to be aware of the items products is effective in the dealership and just what products is effective from aftermarket. Both can help you save a lot of money lower the street.

Here are a few pros & disadvantage for after market parts


1) Less costly:

2) Quality could be comparable to or more than OEM: In some instances, you might finish track of a much better part than you began with. “The aftermarket companies reverse-engineer the part, and work the weaknesses out,

3) More variety: You will find countless firms that make aftermarket parts

4) Better availability:


1) Quality varies: The old saying “you receive that which you purchaseInch rings true here. Some aftermarket parts are inferior due to the utilization of lower-quality materials

2) Overwhelming selection:

3) Might not have a guarantee:

Pros & Disadvantage from Dealership parts

1) Has a warranty: Most automakers support their OEM parts having a one-year warranty. And when you get your vehicle repaired in the dealer, they’ll usually uphold their labor too.

2) Simpler to select your behalf: If you want to the various components counter in a dealership and request any kind, you can expect to acquire one type.


1)More costly

2) Quality might not be superior: You compensated the additional money to have an OEM part, wishing it had become much better than an aftermarket part. But that won’t continually be the situation. Some aftermarket parts are comparable to or in some instances much better than OEM parts. So you may be having to pay extra only for the name.

3) Have to be purchased at the casino dealer: many people will visit a dealership to purchase their vehicle parts. This limits the amount of places you can purchase from.

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