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Read this before Buying a New Maruti Dzire

If you are thinking to buy New Maruti Dzire, then you have landed to the perfect article. This is an article in which we will clear all the specifications, features and will also tell you Swift Dzire on road price. So, make sure Read this article carefully before Buying a New Maruti Dzire. Let’s start to know everything in a better way.

First of all, we will discuss is Maruti Suzuki Dzire worth to buy? Maruti Suzuki Dzire is very much worth to buy because of its features and specifications. There are so many new and advanced things that make this car different from others. To know the Maruti Suzuki Dzire on-road price, you can check on the browser.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire was first launched in the Indian Market. Therefore, the sedan body type of this car is making it a top-selling car. After knowing the features we can easily say that this car is worth to buy. Now, we will discuss the features of this car. Have a look below:


This is a car that helps you to explore a new world of possibility. Therefore, this car helps in exploring just because of its amazing mileage. The mileage of this all-new Maruti Suzuki Dzire is 28.40 km/l for the diesel variant. On the other hand, the mileage for the petrol variant is around 21.21 km/l.The Maruti Suzuki Dzire on-road price starts from 5.87 lakhs and price may differ for other variants. Watch Maruti Swift Dzire AMT Test Drive review Video.


This is a car that is used to second glances. The all-new smooth sedan styling makes this car more attractive and beautiful. This is one of the most important features and leaves everyone in awestruck. There are so many other variants also of this car. To check the swift Dzire vdi on-road price or price of other variant go and browse on the internet.


The all-new Maruti Suzuki Dzire is made up of all advanced technologies. One of the most important Advance auto gear technology makes the driving effortless. Therefore, this technology helps you in experiencing and enjoying to the fullest. Some other advanced technologies of the car are Push Start-Stop Button, Smart Play Infotainment, Smart Keyless Entry, and Automatic Climate Control.

Open your browser or go to a nearby showroom to know swift Dzire on-road price 2019.


The all-new Maruti Suzuki is driven by performance. Each and every time when you get behind the wheel, you drive into a completely new world. This is a world where elegance meets efficiency. In simple words, this is a car having excellent performance in terms of driving.


Safety is one of the most important things. Therefore, this is a car that fulfils all the safety categories. This is a car having dual airbags one for driver and other for co-driver. This car is having a Suzuki Heartect platform. There are special child seat restraint system and anti-lock braking system.

These are the features that you should know before buying Maruti Suzuki Dzire. You can buy a second hand car also. To know the swift Dzire vdi price on road 2019, go and check in a nearby showroom of Maruti Dzire.

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