Transportation is a method for shipping an item from a source point to a destination point, where the item can be as small as a bottle or purse and as big as cars, trucks. But if the item is small in size then it is easy to transport, but when the item is big such as a car or truck it is a complex process to transport the big items to the destination point safely.

In the field of transportation, auto transport is currently widely popular as it encompasses several steps and hardcore planning.  There are separate companies or agencies for auto transport that help in shipping from a source point to a destination point such as from one state to another or from one country to another.

Working process flow of auto transportation

In the summarized way, the process flow of auto transportation involves the initial step of communication from the company or agency with the client. In which the client needs to contact the company for the shipping and for getting quotes, the next step is of booking, once the client books and pay the price through online or offline mode a ticket is generated that comprises of detail about the client, automobile for transportation. In case the automobile is new, then the client has to just wait for the delivery, but in case the automobile is old, then one must clean it, remove all the personal objects, and must note the pre-existing damages in the automobile.

Types of Auto transport

  1. Open transport

The most preferred type of process is open transport because of reasonable car shipping rates and rapid process. Moreover, companies provide multiple services in the open transport. Open transport involves the shipping of a car on a carrier trailer with multiple racks.  The truck which carries the car comprises special components for safeguarding the cars from any kind of damage.  This kind of process of transport is preferred for newly branded cars

  1. Enclosed transport

This process of transport is for classic car collectors; the enclosed auto transport quotes are high. The truck which carries the classic car is very advanced fully covered with customized features, for example, articulating ramps. Other than the classic car, auto auction care, vintage car exotic car, or antique car is shipped through the enclosed auto transport process.

Shipping Rates

Car shipping rates or any kind of other automobile shipping rate is depended on the features like distance to travel, size, shape, and weight of the automobile, the process of transport, fuel price, toll charges in the journey, and another fee.  The car shipping rates through open transport are much lower than the enclosed auto transport quotes.

Some guiding points for auto transportation

  1. Analyze your needs, such as whether the automobile is a classic or normal car, how much protection is needed.
  2. Check and find the best service provider near you and check the reviews and testimonials.
  3. Check the prices and terms condition properly beforehand.
  4. Ensure that a complete protection service is provided.

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