An Introduction to the KENT CamEye Mobile Application

Innovation has gifted smartphones to the world and made life simpler. It makes all the day-to-day essentials available on your fingertip; for example, banking transactions, shopping, entertainment, etc. Similarly,you can also access your car security device through your smartphones. The best example of such connected car security device is KENT CamEye.

The device captures and records the relevant trip data and serves it to you on your smart phone via the KENT CamEye application. Whichever corner of the world you may be in, it will ensure the security of your car and safety of your loved ones from anywhere.

KENT CamEye comes with dual cameras to provide visual data and trip updates of events happening in and around the car. The in-cabin audio is also captured with a built-in microphone. Moreover, it has GPS tracking capabilities that lets it procure the timely location of the car. So, KENT CamEye device sends all these data instantly on the mobile phone through its application.

To make this process work, you first need to download the KENT CamEye mobile application. It is compatible with both the Android and iOS mobile operating system, making it usable for almost everyone. In order to make the device accessible on your mobile phone, it needs to scan the QR code and then the device gets synced with it.

Now let’s learn the ways how KENT CamEye app adds to the convenience of using the device:

  • Check the live updates anytime from anywhere

KENT CamEye app allows watching the live video of the car- either inside or outside view at any moment. No wonder, the mobile phones these days, are among the most essential things that people never forget to carry along. KENT CamEye integrates with a mobile application to help with constant monitoring and advanced car security system. The app allows live video streaming anytime and anywhere. For instance, you can keep a check on your chauffeur while he drives in your absence. Even while sitting in the office or while enjoying a movie or from anywhere, the live footage of the parked car can be viewed on your mobile screen. The KENT CamEye app, in fact, bridges the gap between you and your car security irrespective of the time and your location.

  • Keeps the data and recordings secure

The KENT CamEye app is for single use and no one else can peek into the data without your consent and until you share it with anyone. The time-lapse video and other trip-related data are recorded and stored to secure Cloud storage for up to 90 days. This data is accessible only through the app in your phone synced with the device. It’s up to you to use the data,store it or discard it. You can even download the data for further use. So, the data remains intact with you and thereby ensure the security of your car.

  • Easy user interface

The KENT CamEye app has been designed in a pretty user-friendly manner, making it easy to be used by all. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use this app. On navigating from homepage to the hamburger menu (on top corner) will provide with the variety of features, few of which can be accessed with a single tap, like live streaming and location. Other than this, the relevant information is displayed on the homepage of the application under your device name, e.g. the network connectivity, battery charge level, temperature, etc. So, the current statusof the device can be viewed instantly.

Hence, not just the device, even the KENT CamEye app is the reason that makes it the best car security system.

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