UK NARIC: Reasons why the demand for document translation services is rising rapidly

Translation services were always looked at as a secondary branch of business in terms of importance. And there was nothing wrong with that either. The demand for document translation services has suddenly risen to a great extent, especially in the last decade. This gave the translation market a significant boost and the market is set to grow even further in the coming years. The estimated growth of this market is set to go up to 20% worldwide. This much of a heavy rise is not to be taken lightly. Undoubtedly, the translation market is set to expand even further. But what is the reason behind translation services getting demanded this much by the masses? We can assure you the answer is certainly not the creation of new languages overnight. Instead, globalization is the main reason behind it. Let us elaborate!

Cause of the Rise of Demand for Document Translation Services

Ever since the internet made its way to every home, the world has gotten smaller. Businesses have been completely changed, and their expansion has made its way to other regions. This extraordinary growth of connectivity was obviously not done through a single language. This is when translation came into the frame. Online presence is necessary in this era for businesses all over the world. The trend of e-commerce stores prevailing over the classic brick and mortar stores has boosted the translation market. Businesses aim to reach places where their services are demanded, no matter the language the consumers speak there. For marketing purposes, these businesses mostly hire professional translators to help establish this relationship between the consumer and the business.

Furthermore, businesses are not the only reason why translation services are on the rise. Agreements between two countries that speak different languages, cases of foreigners settling, law, and education are just a few other reasons behind the rise of translation services.

Can AI Replace Human Translators?

According to speculators, the most critical threat to the demand for translation services falling again is none other than AI. The question of whether AI can replace human translators can not be answered with complete accuracy. Experts suggest this is very unlikely to happen. Since professional human translators translate with precision, according to the relevant context, and making no errors. Whereas AI is prone to make an error due to its inability to not think on its own. Basic documents can be translated through AI, but documents with complex valuable information having a certain context can only be translated by humans.

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The UK NARIC is an agency that scrutinizes foreigners looking to settle in the UK to earn or study. If you’re a foreigner in need of getting a certification from the UK NARIC, your documents will be submitted after getting translated into English by a licensed translator.

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