Ohio Lemon Law – A Review of Ohio’s Motor Vehicle Consumer Law

Whether the vehicle is purchased or leased, this consumer law covers all motor vehicles.  Any consumer motor vehicle regardless of the make – Kia, Ford, Chrysler, GM, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Lincoln, Saturn, Honda, Oldsmobile, Lexus, Land Rover, Rolls, Bentley, Ferrari or Maserati, is covered. The Ohio Revised Code spells out specific circumstances which will determine whether or not your car is considered a “Lemon”.  Your car may be considered a lemon under Ohio Law, if it has been in the shop three times for the same problem or eight times for any problem, within 12 months of your purchase and / or less than 18,000 miles of use. If any of these problems have occurred, you probably have claim under the law.  So, watch out for the following conditions:

Vehicle is required to be sent for repairs for the same problem three times and it is not repaired

Vehicle is in the repair shop for more than 30 days in total.

Vehicle has been in the shop more than eight times for any defect, major or minor

Defect in the purchased vehicle is so serious that it may cause an accident or injury to others and the dealer is not in position to fix it in his first attempt. If your vehicle is considered a lemon, as defined by Ohio Law, you will be entitled to exchange your vehicle for a new, or comparable vehicle valued up to the amount paid for the lemon.  Alternatively, you may exchange the lemon for a full refund of your purchase price.  Additionally, the consumer would also be entitled to attorney’s fees if it is necessary to retain one to handle the matter. Always remember, the auto manufacturers are not in existence to give away free vehicles.  They will probably try to fight you at every turn.  But if you are persistent, or you retain a qualified attorney, you will probably prevail with your Ohio Lemon Law claim.

Good wood Revival 10 Years On – 2008

It was the 10th anniversary on the 19th to 21st September 2008 of the Good wood Revival and I have just spent a most enjoyable day there. Back in 1948 the motor racing circuit a short distance from Chic ester and the Sussex coast was the home to the first post Second World War motor race. The four mile circuit on the Good wood estate was created by the 9th Duke of Richmond, Freddie March on the ex RAF aerodrome using the perimeter road. Motor racing took place there from 1948 till 1966 and I remember my eldest brother and his friends setting off their on a regular basis including bank holidays. On one particular occasion he was able to drive his “frog eyed” green Austin Healy Sprite around the circuit. In 1998 the grandson of the 9th Duke of Richmond, the present Earl of March staged the first Good wood revival recreating the era of the late 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. For more details click on outdoor car covers for sale.

Sunday 21st was my third visit to a Good wood Revival and it took place on one of the best days of the terrible 2008 English summer. Warm weather, but not too hot for those who had dressed up in period costumes of the 1950’s and 1960’s or my “flat cap”. My first visit was when the late motor cycling champion Barry Sheena made his final visit before dying of cancer some months later. There seemed to be more to see than on previous years and in reality there is a lot to take in if you want to see the motor racing, watch the air displays and see the classic vehicles on display. According to Good wood’s official figures, it was the best Revival ever and over 124,000 attended. Many of these coming in classic cars, so even before you entered the race circuit proper you walked past numerous cars of yesteryear. A new feature this year has been the introduction of “The Earls Court Motor Show” Very clever idea of having a 1948 motor show showing what cars could look like sixty years later. Here you had cars like Fords BMWs, Macerates and Jaguars of the 1948 along with their counterparts from 2008 and amongst the collection of Jaguar cars was racing veteran (Sir) Sterling Moss signing autographs.

The day was full of other famous name racing drivers, like Emerson Fittipaldi, Jack Brabham, Tony Jar dine, Martin Bundle who together with Adrian Newsy came third in the exciting one hour Royal Automobile Club TT celebration race. Apart from the professional drivers there are the regular amateurs like comedian Rowan Atkinson and former BMW dealership owner Frank Sytner whom I have seen racing at the Historic Grand Prix at Monaco on a couple of occasions. The Good wood Revival and the Historic Monaco Grand Prix are great fun. At Monaco you cannot get close to the cars and of course they cover a much period of time. You are restricted to staying in your seat on the stands and watching the races, whereas at Good wood you really need to go for at least two of the three days to really take it all in.

Vintage Motor Racing Events in Europe

Quite why there is a return of vintage car events may be manifold, but there is no doubt the general public is being energized by the reappearance of some older events and the creation of new ones. The owners and drivers of historic vehicles come in two flavors. These people seem to be more interested in driving rather than owning and seek every opportunity to get their motors on the road, either in point-to-point challenges or even track racing where possible. Another thriving branch of historic motorsport is the hill climb discipline, where stripped down racers climb a closed section of hilly terrain as fast as possible. The section of sport we are concerning ourselves with here covers location to location car rallies or historic competitions on motor racing circuits. These are the events that are attracting the public attention and now make up a significant part of the motor sport calendar in different countries. One of the biggest is the Goodwood Revival Festival in the UK which attracts cars, owners and visitors from all over the world. There are real races that see very expensive cars put through their paces on the track, which has been lovingly restored to reflect the bygone era when the cars originally raced.

A similar event on a smaller scale is the brand new Algarve Historic Festival, which tales place for the first time this year at the Algarve’s newest motor circuit, near to Portimao. Just like the Goodwood festival there will be competitive races for cars in different categories. Motor racing legend Sir Sterling Moss has accepted an invitation to race his own car, a 1956 Osca, in the year he celebrates his 80th birthday. Sir Sterling is well known for not owning a normal car himself, preferring to travel around on public transport or on his scooter. Also planned is a charity parade celebrating 50 years of the Mini as well as parade laps for Ferrari, Maserati and Osca cars.

Gambia is the final destination for a historic motoring event that sees a group of cars racing across Europe all the way from Plymouth in England to Banjul, the capital. This is an unusual event that started several years ago and requires the drivers to leave their cars behind in Banjul after the rally to benefit the local community. Another fairly low key event is the Volta a Madeira, a motoring festival held on the Portuguese island of Madeira for the 22nd time this year. The island of Mallorca also has its own classic car rally, known as the Rally Clasico Isla Mallorca, which challenges driver on routes all over the island in spring time. The most spectacular of the 14 stages for spectators are bound to be those that take the cars into the Tramontane mountains, to the north of Palma. One stage runs between the northern town of Pollens and Lluc, the location of one of Mallorca’s most famous old monasteries.

Organized by the Malta Historic Vehicle Trust at the Ta Qali location, the event expects to grow into the largest motoring event on Malta. Another French Classic Car event is the November Sun Run, which start in the Champagne region of France on November 4th 2009 and sees the cars driving 1400 kilometers towards the south of France, finishing on November 7th by racing up the famous alpine climb of Alp D’Huez. To keep their roads safe, Seacrest County has answered back with what has got to be the most ridiculously well-funded police department in history. I don’t know where you live, but the cops around here don’t roll in Maseratis and BMWs. The single player challenges are fairly engaging. Placing in events earns experience points that will raise your rank as a racer or cop depending on the races you choose. Raising both your ranks to 20 will take you quite a while, but there’s little replayability in the campaign once you have. Online competition and community is where Hot Pursuit really shines though. Cops and robbers is always more fun when you have someone to play with.

Exotic Supercar Drives

Like most of us, you can’t afford to buy a supercar to fly around a track with. It’s an expensive business owning a supercar, but now you don’t have to forget about your dreams of driving one of these mechanical wonders. With an exotic supercar drive gift experience you, or someone you love, can get behind the wheel and drive a supercar as if it was their own, around a professional racing track. There are tracks offering these gift day experiences in various Australian and New Zealand locations, along with a variety of different vehicles to choose from. Read on to find out more about what’s available on the day and why a gift like this is unforgettable.

The Ideal Receiver

Supercar gift experiences offer something most people couldn’t dream of having. Sadly, the majority of us will never have the money to get behind the wheel of a supercar. All of these restrictions disappear with a gift day experience. For an affordable fee you get to have some personal time with your vehicle of choice. And it isn’t just about idling in traffic. It’s about pushing it to its very limits on sun-kissed tarmac tracks.

As long as you have a driving licence there’s nothing stopping you from being able to pick up one of these experiences. Just because you can’t legally drive such a vehicle doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to feel the adrenaline as the tyres screech around a tight corner. People who want to gain advanced driving qualifications, because they want to become a racing driver themselves can also benefit from this day out.

Why Choose an Exotic Supercar Drive?

The exotic supercar drive allows you to grab control of a vehicle which is usually the domain of the rich and famous. It’s a true taste of driving totally beyond the normal daily pootle to work and back, picking up the kids or to the mall. But it’s about more than the driver. What’s so special about these supercar drives is you can bring your loved ones along with you. Spectators are more than welcome at the event. They can live the dream with you, and they can even appear in the photo shoot before the drive. This is why the trip is truly value for money.

Start Driving

Gift voucher options vary dramatically. You have a choice of a variety of drives and a huge range of the world’s most coveted cars. This is the sort of gift which people request again and again as no two drives are the same. Take to the roads of Australia and view some of the most spectacular mountain tracks in the world, or opt for New Zealand and smash normal driving boundaries with an authentic racing track run. The choice of vehicles is wide. It’s all down to personal taste and with a huge selection of cars there’s something for everybody. Mechanics tune each car to its optimal level before every run, so you get everything before pulling away from the starting line.

On the Day

When you arrive at your chosen location you get the full red carpet treatment. Immediately you are whisked away to view the car you’ll be driving. Get acquainted with it and spend as much time as you want taking the experience in. Continue the day in style as you begin your professional photo shoot. A top-shot photographer with a state-of-the-art camera takes pictures of you and your car in a celebrity shoot format. Bring along a friend or family member and they can get involved in the shoot with you. It’s soon time to start driving. Climb into your shiny Lamborghini or Aston Martin, strap yourself in, and get ready to leap away from the starting blocks on the whistle. What you’ll take in now depends entirely on your chosen location. For example, one gift voucher experience takes you over the rolling hill roads of the Mornington Peninsula. Another gift voucher might give you the full racing experience, with a time trial, around the famous Hampton Downs in Auckland. Finish off the day in luxury as you put the brakes on. When you arrive at the finishing line, drivers get to crack on with a complimentary glass of champagne. A perfect end to a day most can only dream of!

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