Complete Guide on How to Choose the Tire

In this guide we will show you step by step, how to choose the right tire, without making mistakes, saving and having an excellent service.

The First Thing to Do: Check the Booklet (Circulation Card)

The booklet is our reference from which we must take all the necessary information in order not to err tire. Let us remember that mounting an incorrect size could create problems when reviewing or checking the police. Choosing a product with the correct size is very simple and requires no special skills.

Example of vehicle registration document

In older booklets or current booklets, the consultation method is always the same. In fact we will find one or more sizes available for our car or motorcycle. The measurement is expressed in 6 values.

The load index (94) expressed to represent a value referring to the kilograms of weight supported by the tire, attention however 88 does not mean 88 Kg but 670 Kg. There is a reference table.

The speed code (V) expressed in the maximum speed approved for the tire, also in this case there is a reference table.

Note: if the booklet shows more alternatives in terms of measurements, it is not certain that they are all compatible with the mounted rims: it is always essential to check the dimensions of the rim mounted on the car. With the car tyres on this is the best deal.

The Second Thing To Do: Check The Assembled Measurement

As seen above and as illustrated in the example booklet, it is possible that on the booklet there are reported different sizes also suitable for different circle diameters. When we go to buy the car, we can often choose whether to have a circle of different sizes, for example 16 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches, etc.

For this motif in booklet we find different sizes, so you can buy the correct tire regardless of the rim size that we have mounted on the car.

Winter tires

The only exception to the above rule concerns winter tires. In fact, it is possible to install winter, all-season or off-road tires with a lower speed than the booklet (but higher than Q) only for the period indicated by the regulations. With the return of the warm season, these tires will have to be replaced, however, worth a fine from 419 to 1,682 euros

Purchase of only two tires

It is a good and fundamental rule to avoid using tires of different design, type and structure of the carcass on the two axles for a car. To achieve maximum performance and safety, the tires must necessarily be identical on all four wheels. If for any reason it is not possible to periodically rotate the tires and only need to buy two of them, it is therefore essential to pay even more attention to identifying a product identical to the one mounted on the other axle or in any case (in case the manufacturer provides for different measures for the two axes) of the same model.

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