How to Find Best Car Rental Companies in Tallinn

We can all agree that car rental service nowadays reached a point of necessity for many visitors and residents. As time goes by, it is challenging to travel long roads by using a personal vehicle, which is the main reason why most people choose car rental instead.

They can go other ways about it, for instance, take a cab for these purposes, but in general, it is much more affordable and convenient to find a car rental, so that you can enjoy all the way.

We recommend you to read more about hiring a rental service because some tips will help you choose better than you normally would.

Things to Consider Before Renting a Car

It does not matter if you wish to rent a regular car so that you can go for a vacation, the latest Honda for business purposes, or for any other reason because you will be able to reduce the hassle of doing it by following these tips:

  • Pay Through Credit Card – Most services will check out your credit score before you can start paying for the rental you chose. That is the main reason why we recommend you to always use a credit card, because that way you do not have to wait for the checkup, and you can take a vehicle promptly.
  • The Less Experience You Have The More You’ll Have To Pay – If you wish to rent a car so that your teen child can practice or drive through the city, have in mind that you will be charged more than if you were doing it for yourself. It does not matter what are driving records, the experience is crucial, so the rental company will consider your teen as a liability and charge you more as a result.
  • Keep Number Of Drivers To A Minimum – If you wish to rent a car so that you can go somewhere, but all people inside have enough experience for driving, we recommend you to keep the number of drivers to a minimum. According to most rental companies, they will charge you for each new driver, which is the main reason why you should keep it to two drivers max.
  • Check Your Insurance – It is always better to be protected against issues that may happen, which is why you should check out whether your personal car insurance covers rentals in the first place. If that is not the case, you can take insurance from the rental company so that you can reduce significant expenses in case of an accident.
  • Fill It Up Before Returning – It is vital to fill the tank completely before you decide to return a rented vehicle. Everything depends on the agreement you made beforehand, but it is always better to return it as you got it.

Different Plans You Can Consider

We can all agree that each individual comes with specific needs and styles that he wishes to handle along the way. The same thing works for car rental services because most of them feature unique and different rental plans so that they can remain competitive.

The main idea of their plans is to be customer-centric, so you can choose the most popular ones. Remember that each rental company comes with unique rental plans, which means that you cannot think that two different companies share the same plans.

However, we can differentiate the most common plans that are available with specific changes based on your wishes and preferences:

  • Hourly Plans – If you decide to choose an hourly plan, it means that you have to calculate time on an hourly basis. Some particular packages that feature hourly preferences include one-hour, three-hour, and six-hour packages and mostly they are for tourists or business people that require rental for a specific event.
  • Pay Per Minute – This particular plan will be charged based entirely on the time duration. Therefore, if the company charges half a dollar per minute than the overall charges will be thirty dollars per hour. Always include taxes within the final bill so that you can calculate everything with ease.
  • Per Kilometer Plan – If you decide to choose this plan, it will be completely based on the distance you traveled with the vehicle you took.
  • Daily Rental – The most popular and common plan is daily rental because you will be charged on a daily basis. The distance tends to be fixed by most companies, which means that if you wish to drive more than planned in a single day, you should either inform them or you will be charged for the next day. This is a common choice for people that need a vehicle for a single night.
  • Two-Day Rental Plans – This is also a common plan, which is perfect for people that wish to spend their weekends outside the hometown, and they do not wish to use personal vehicles due to mileage plans.
  • Long Duration Plans – Everything depends on your requirements and usage, but some companies will provide you an ability to rent a car on a yearly, monthly and weekly basis depending on your requirements. You can also choose an unlimited mileage plan in case you wish to go long distances.
  • Corporate Plans – Most car rental companies come with specific plans for corporate customers, especially if they include more than one vehicle. You will be able to get specific discounts by choosing this particular one, but have in mind that you have to meet the requirements beforehand.

Car Classes You Can Rent

  • Economy Cars – The best choice for downtown rides are economy cars especially if you wish to reduce fuel expenses and avoid the hassle that comes with parking spaces.
  • Compact Cars – The best thing about them is the simplicity while driving and wonderful gas mileage ratio.
  • Full-Size Cars – These are perfect if you need more space in general, and it is perfect if you wish to bring your family to vacation.
  • Premium Cars – You can also choose premium cars that feature plenty of luggage room as well as comfortable seating. They are most popular with business travelers in general, which is something you should remember.
  • Luxury Cars – Finally, you can also rent a luxurious car you always wanted to have and you never did. Most of them feature high performing engines in combination with rich interiors so that you can enjoy all the way.

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