Why People Love the Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage is a compact SUV that can handle any terrain. The Sportage was designed with four-wheel drive and an advanced suspension system, making it one of the most comfortable vehicles on the road. With features like heated seats, sunroofs, wireless phone chargers, and satellite radio, you’ll feel like you’re in a luxury car without paying for it!

The Kia Sportage comes in two trims: LX and EX. If you are looking for something sporty but still practical, this vehicle is perfect for you! You can’t go wrong with all these unique features at such an affordable price point, especially when you shop at ALM Kia South!


The Kia Sportage was first introduced in 1993 as a compact SUV. In 1995 it had its first significant redesign and went on the market as a luxury vehicle. In 2004 it was redesigned again as an affordable mid-sized SUV with four-wheel drive capabilities. It has a very smooth ride and a comfortable interior. The Kia Sportage is also excellent for going off-roading since it’s low to the ground and has good stability on bumpy surfaces.

The Kia Sportage LX trim comes with features such as power windows, power mirrors, satellite radio ready, air conditioning, and a powerful engine. The Sportage EX trim comes with features like leather seats, power sunroofs, heated front seats, and an in-dash navigation system.

Remarkable features that make everyone want to own Kia Sportage

More room and flexible seating

Kia Sportage has a spacious interior area for passengers and cargo space that folds down the rear seat. With better seating flexibility, you can bring more people for your ride.

Smooth driving

With an impressive 4-cylinder engine that has 20 horsepower, this car is fun to drive on the highway or city streets. With the ability to navigate in snowy weather, this car is perfect for all.

Stylish design

With sleek headlights, alloy wheels, and automatic shift paddles on its steering wheel, this car is both aesthetically pleasing to look at and good for your wallet due to its affordable price. The design is also aerodynamic, making you feel the wind in your hair when you drive this car because of its low profile and smooth exterior surface.

The car’s compact exterior and height of just over 4.5 feet accommodate city driving conditions better than other bigger vehicles. In addition to its lower body, the raised ground clearance gives it an impressive off-road capability that you can enjoy when it is time to camp or go hiking in the mountains.

Heated Seats

The Kia Sportage is equipped with this feature for the driver and the front-seat passengers. This is a great option to have during the colder months so that you can warm up faster. When preparing to go out during the winter season, this car gives all the reasons to smile due to its accommodative and customizable interior environment.


The Kia Sportage comes standard with a moon roof, which turns the vehicle’s interior into a getaway to feel the wind and enjoy the fresh air. In addition, you get sunroofs for both front and backseat passengers. Now every person in your car can have a panoramic view of their surroundings while going on a road trip. During the summer seasons, it’s the sunroof on your car that makes your life different from just the other driver on the road.

Other standard features

The Kia Sportage comes with three more standard features that some drivers might take for granted, but they are essential to have when you drive a vehicle on a daily basis: a rear window defroster, a first aid kit, and an ice-scraper. These things may not be as flashy as sunroofs or heated seats, but they are just as important to make your drive more comfortable.

Get One Today

The Kia Sportage is a remarkable vehicle that has been carefully designed with features to make your drive more enjoyable. This car provides everything you need for a safe, comfortable ride in any weather condition, from heated seats and sunroofs to the car’s compact exterior and raised ground clearance.

ALM Cars are your great deal today. If you’re looking for an affordable new vehicle with excellent performance and versatility without sacrificing style or comfort, then check out ALM Kia South’s inventory of Kia Sportages here.

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