5 Pointers For Selecting A Reliable Auto Repair Service In Telluride

Even the best cars & vehicles need regular servicing and occasional repairs. If you are in Telluride, you will find a bunch of auto repair shops, but as in any industry, not all services are same. It’s important to understand and appreciate that you will eventually need a tire and auto center for repairs, servicing, towing and maintenance from time to time, so it’s about a long-term relationship.

In this post, we are sharing tips on how to find a reliable auto repair service in Telluride.

  • Credentials. Always work with a local auto shop that specializes in various brands and models and has decent market repute. The good news is many shops and local services in Telluride now have their own websites, so you can get a fair idea of their services. It is always wise to check the credentials of the concerned shop. Check for reviews, or ask for references.
  • The time taken by an auto repair shop to respond to your requirements, or how they handle your vehicle when you reach their workshop, are things to consider. Response of the auto repair company should be prompt, no matter how small or large the job may be.
  • Services offered. What does the auto repair service offer? Do they deal in air conditioning, brakes, driveline repair, cooling systems, suspension repair, fluid inspection, and wheel alignments? Do they offer tune up services? The work profile of an auto repair company matters, because if their services are comprehensive, you can rely on them for any car issues.

  • Does the auto repair shop have their own team of technicians and mechanics? Are they licensed and insured? Are the mechanics licensed, insured and certified? What brands do they deal in? Can they offer assistance on the road? These are some of the basic questions that are worth asking on your first visit.
  • Of course, pricing is an important factor, but most companies in Telluride are fair with auto quotes. Just make sure that you have an estimate for the job in advance, and there should be no room for hidden charges. If parts or accessories are being replace, the company should offer warranty as applicable.

For selected auto repair jobs, you can expect a warranty, although it depends from one shop to another. Select a reliable company with great reviews and visit the auto workshop in person to understand their work better.

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