Changing Your Legacy Phone System: Why Coloradans Should Consider Making The Switch

Colorado businesses are truly embracing the work-from-home model. According to the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, 87% of their survey respondents allow their employees to work from home at least part-time. Leading professional services firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers also found that more than half of employees prefer to work from home at least three days per week.

Technology has truly transformed the way Coloradans do business. So why would you still use a legacy phone system? If you want to bring your business’ telephone system into the 21st century, Ooma is a leader in helping Colorado customers make the switch. Here are three reasons why you should consider changing your legacy phone system for a more modern approach to telecommunications.

1.   Integrate Into Your Computer System

With Ooma Office Pro, your employees can place and receive phone calls from Ooma’s desktop app. Whether they are in the office, working from home, or on a workation”, your staff will be able to stay productive and connected from wherever they are.

Your customer, however, will never know the difference. They will no longer have to be constantly rerouted to different phone lines to reach your staff. They can use one number to reach your employee, no matter where they are working today.

2.   Record Calls with Ease

Whether you are trying to monitor customer service for training purposes or just need to make sure you save the exact details from a client meeting, call recording with Ooma Office Pro is easy and user-friendly. In addition, you can download the recording to comply with your company’s data storage policies or permanently delete it when you no longer need it.

Please note, while Colorado law does not require you to get your customer’s consent to record your conversation, it is best practice to inform them that you would like to record the call and ask them if that is ok.

3.   Save Money

Telecommunications costs can vary widely, depending on your needs and the size of your company. Regardless of your situation, Ooma has a cost savings calculator to help you estimate what you could save by switching.

Keep in mind, this savings calculator just compares your current telecommunications costs with what your costs would be under Ooma. Since remote work can make your business more profitable, installing remote-friendly telecommunications could bring in even more money for your business than just simple cost savings.

Learn More About How Ooma Supports Colorado Businesses

As remote work becomes more feasible and common, more Colorado employees will demand this benefit. A competitive Colorado business needs to adjust to this new reality while maintaining (or even improving) the customer service experience that your clients expect. A legacy phone system just does not make sense anymore.

In addition to improving remote work flexibility, the benefits of changing your legacy phone system include:

  • Easy integration into your computer systems
  • Call recording for training and record-keeping
  • Cost savings

If your business is ready to take the leap, Ooma has deep experience providing Colorado businesses with high-quality, affordable, 21st-century telecommunications services. Contact them to learn more.

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