Palmer Administration Services Leads The Service Contract Industry

When it comes to the most dependable auto-warranty plans in the industry, Palmer Administration Services Inc. has become a trusted name over the 30 years they’ve been in business. While there are numerous auto-protection services around to choose from, you’ll want a company whose top priority is customer service. Palmer Administration has made a business out of helping clients market superior auto-protection plans and providing vehicle owners with valuable peace of mind. The dedication to their clients starts on day 1 and continues throughout the duration of the plan and beyond.

Palmer Administration’s Unique Services

What makes Palmer Administration unique is the wide range of customizable extended auto-protection plans. Their coverage options provide peace of mind to suit every kind of vehicle and can fit into all budgets. Palmer offers their clients plans and pricing options that are a cut above the competition. Their claims administration handles claims as efficiently as possible while keeping the customer’s satisfaction in mind as the end goal.

Flexible payment options make it as simple for the client as possible, and coupled with some of the most knowledgeable and helpful agents in the industry, their customer support is unmatched. With full protection by A-rated warranties and the experience honed from 30 years of business, Palmer Administration Services has set the standard and become an industry leader.

Palmer Plans

There is a plan for every vehicle and budget, and this means that the needs of a wide variety of clients are not just met, but exceeded.

Elite Exclusionary Plan

The Elite Exclusionary Plan provides full-vehicle coverage for routine maintenance and basic wear-and-tear elements like paint, upholstery, and light bulbs.

Royal Select Plan

The Royal Select Plan has the most extensive list of parts covered available. It includes all the vehicle’s major components and more. This coverage provides the ideal protection plan for newer vehicles.

Premier Plan

The Premier Plan provides comprehensive coverage and is the ideal policy for vehicle components that are more likely to be in need of costly repairs. This plan is a must-have in terms of peace of mind.

The Classic Plan

The Classic Plan is described as an all-inclusive policy that protects against those costly repair bills that all vehicle owners dread. This plan is designed to provide peace of mind for the most common repairs.

Powertrain Plan

The Powertrain Plan is advised for vehicle owners that plan to keep their vehicle for long periods of time. The powertrain coverage protects against the most expensive repairs associated with long-term vehicle maintenance and offers the ultimate level of protection.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan covers the vehicle’s most essential component, and also one of the most costly to repair: the engine. This coverage is ideal for older vehicles as it guards against those high-cost engine repairs and services.

Michael Shaftel, president and CEO of Palmer Administration Services Inc., asserts that extended auto-protection plans are of pivotal importance moving into 2018 for car owners. He has made the Palmer name synonymous with reliability, flexibility, and superiority. Through their high-quality protection plans, flexible payment options, and superb customer service, Palmer Administration sets the industry standard one claim at a time.

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